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Player details
Nickname: PROxKruiZ
Trophies: Record at Circuit: Tokyo Circuit: 0:47.974
Number of Results (Circuit; Drift): 29 (29; 0)
Pts. (Circuit; Drift): 372 (372; 0)
Beat WR's: 57
Improved Own Records: 60
Top Speed Reached: 361.6 km/h
Average Place: 37.00
Country: Russia
Team: PRO
Real Name: Sergey
City: Petroskoi
Age: 36
ICQ: 361290287
MSN, [at] = @ :
Player Profile Viewed:2172
Statistics Icon Viewed:0
Joined: 01/11/09, 10:24 GMT
Last Received Record: 10/04/10, 12:38 GMT

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Track # Pts. Record Loss Diff. Car Top Speed Trans. Handl. Controller Impr. Date
Circuit: Alpental4800:36.897+0:01.065+0:00.002
Zonda R
235.4MTNormalWheel102/11/09, 16:30
Circuit: Ambush Canyon25161:13.664+0:02.551+0:00.048
Zonda R
260.1MTNormalWheel412/11/09, 17:58
Circuit: Autopolis GP5301:33.130+0:02.838+0:00.097
Zonda R
288.6MTNormalWheel212/11/09, 18:28
Circuit: Brands Hatch GP10431:13.723+0:00.661+0:00.194
Zonda R
277.1MTNormalWheel404/02/10, 23:06
Circuit: Brands Hatch Indy4100:39.829+0:01.185+0:00.004
Zonda R
267.5MTNormalWheel121/12/09, 16:02
Circuit: Dakota Club25160:32.275+0:00.659+0:00.036
Zonda R
259.3MTNormalWheel202/11/09, 17:51
Circuit: Dakota GP5400:40.580+0:01.595+0:00.013
Zonda R
297.0MTNormalWheel121/12/09, 20:41
Circuit: Dakota National31100:35.246+0:00.860+0:00.007
Zonda R
267.9MTNormalWheel117/12/09, 21:25
Circuit: Dakota Tri-Oval5700:30.168+0:00.928+0:00.006
328.4MTNormalWheel306/11/09, 22:40
Circuit: Donington GP29121:19.199+0:01.983+0:00.041
Zonda R
265.1MTNormalWheel125/11/09, 18:56
Circuit: Donington National3380:58.547+0:01.395+0:00.040
Zonda R
280.9MTNormalWheel216/12/09, 20:12
Circuit: Glendale East4900:45.302+0:01.109+0:00.022
Zonda R
258.6MTNormalWheel025/11/09, 18:56
Circuit: Glendale West4400:45.798+0:02.464+0:00.023
247.2MTNormalWheel107/11/09, 19:26
Circuit: Hazyview Oval8490:11.070+0:00.194+0:00.024
Zonda R
173.7MTNormalWheel208/02/10, 21:08
Circuit: Laguna Seca26151:13.884+0:01.346+0:00.001
Zonda R
268.6MTNormalWheel409/11/09, 20:21
Circuit: London River5001:09.173+0:04.302+0:00.009
Zonda R
276.3MTNormalWheel107/11/09, 13:43
Circuit: London Royal Mile5001:15.894+0:05.829+0:00.289
Zonda R
282.2MTNormalWheel004/11/09, 07:32
Circuit: Miyatomi3830:10.771+0:00.372+0:00.004
156.1MTNormalWheel201/11/09, 18:22
Circuit: Nordschleife30116:03.601+0:16.470+0:00.961
Zonda R
361.6MTNormalWheel213/01/10, 19:40
Circuit: Nordschleife (Aremberg)4802:12.683+0:07.483+0:00.010
Zonda R
301.9MTNormalWheel007/11/09, 22:12
Circuit: Road America5101:51.114+0:03.829+0:00.003
Zonda R
305.4MTNormalWheel227/11/09, 22:43
Circuit: Rustle creek5000:16.920+0:00.681+0:00.023
Zonda R
246.7MTNormalWheel007/11/09, 18:49
Circuit: Silverstone GP5401:36.136+0:03.999+0:00.002
Zonda R
285.0MTNormalWheel007/11/09, 14:44
Circuit: Silverstone International9461:07.819+0:00.722+0:00.065
Zonda R
283.8MTNormalWheel1023/01/10, 19:16
Circuit: Silverstone National11400:46.792+0:00.294+0:00.011
Zonda R
289.8MTNormalWheel110/04/10, 12:38
Circuit: Spa GP5602:03.584+0:04.918+0:00.005
Zonda R
303.9MTNormalWheel217/11/09, 21:00
Circuit: Tokyo Circuit11000:47.974+0:00.000+0:00.000
Zonda R
284.1MTNormalWheel808/04/10, 17:55
Circuit: Tokyo Club5400:40.025+0:02.433+0:00.091
Zonda R
255.0MTNormalWheel004/11/09, 13:04
Circuit: Willow Springs GP3831:07.660+0:01.920+0:00.030
Zonda R
297.5MTNormalWheel327/11/09, 22:43

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