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Player details
Nickname: Nebuchadnezzar
Number of Results (Circuit; Drift): 31 (31; 0)
Pts. (Circuit; Drift): 0 (0; 0)
Beat WR's: 0
Improved Own Records: 38
Top Speed Reached: 357.7 km/h
Average Place: 77.13
Country: Spain
Team: RCSx
Real Name: Rafael
City: Barcelona
Age: 40
ICQ: 492166704
MSN, [at] = @ : hackerberry_hound[at]telefonica.net
Player Profile Viewed:3551
Statistics Icon Viewed:0
Joined: 10/11/09, 20:08 GMT
Last Received Record: 18/12/09, 22:07 GMT

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Track # Pts. Record Loss Diff. Car Top Speed Trans. Handl. Controller Impr. Date
Circuit: Alpental9600:37.941 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 468+0:02.109+0:00.021
Zonda R
239.3MTNormalWheel003/12/09, 19:30
Circuit: Ambush Canyon7801:18.807 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 511+0:07.694+0:00.040
Zonda R
271.2MTNormalKeyboard106/12/09, 19:30
Circuit: Autopolis GP8901:36.290 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 456+0:05.998+0:00.197
Zonda R
306.1MTNormalWheel308/12/09, 14:20
Circuit: Autopolis Lakeside7500:51.778 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 481+0:06.828+0:00.032
Zonda R
193.0MTNormalWheel008/12/09, 14:31
Circuit: Brands Hatch GP12101:19.531 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 444+0:06.469+0:00.042
Zonda R
278.8MTNormalWheel008/12/09, 14:37
Circuit: Dakota Tri-Oval6300:30.277 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 449+0:01.037+0:00.020
324.4MTNormalWheel407/12/09, 21:14
Circuit: Donington GP7601:22.007 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 464+0:04.791+0:00.101
Zonda R
277.3MTNormalWheel107/12/09, 21:44
Circuit: Ebisu Circuit West6900:51.385 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 441+0:04.824+0:00.127
Zonda R
227.6MTNormalWheel017/12/09, 20:34
Circuit: Glendale Club8900:33.397 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 441+0:02.971+0:00.026
Zonda R
250.4MTNormalWheel017/12/09, 20:18
Circuit: Glendale East6600:45.932 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 447+0:01.739+0:00.015
Zonda R
270.8MTNormalWheel217/12/09, 20:10
Circuit: Glendale West6600:47.254 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 452+0:03.920+0:00.102
Zonda R
266.5MTNormalWheel215/12/09, 20:05
Circuit: Hazyview Eight8000:16.573 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 431+0:01.858+0:00.140
Zonda R
145.3MTNormalWheel012/12/09, 23:01
Circuit: Hazyview Oval8600:11.912 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 434+0:01.036+0:00.001
Zonda R
170.6MTNormalWheel111/12/09, 20:59
Circuit: Laguna Seca10601:18.170 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 431+0:05.632+0:00.093
Zonda R
263.0MTNormalWheel011/12/09, 19:56
Circuit: London River4501:09.071 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 532+0:04.200+0:00.032
Zonda R
292.0MTNormalWheel111/12/09, 19:48
Circuit: London Royal Mile6101:17.252 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 448+0:07.187+0:00.114
Zonda R
298.0MTNormalWheel011/12/09, 19:25
Circuit: Miyatomi6300:10.998 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 450+0:00.599+0:00.014
Zonda R
155.3ATNormalWheel218/12/09, 22:07
Circuit: Nordschleife11906:34.090 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 491+0:46.959+0:00.975
Zonda R
357.7MTNormalWheel018/12/09, 21:24
Circuit: Nordschleife (Aremberg)9002:22.508 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 467+0:17.308+0:00.343
Zonda R
329.0MTNormalWheel010/12/09, 20:16
Circuit: Nordschleife (Karussell)8902:15.506 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 488+0:14.597+0:00.103
Zonda R
294.2MTNormalWheel010/12/09, 20:12
Circuit: Nordschleife (Nurnburg)8302:08.496 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 483+0:14.957+0:00.119
Zonda R
336.1MTNormalWheel110/12/09, 20:07
Circuit: Road America9101:54.123 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 466+0:06.838+0:00.048
Zonda R
311.3MTNormalWheel010/12/09, 19:58
Circuit: Rustle creek5100:16.929 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 458+0:00.690+0:00.009
Zonda R
243.7MTNormalWheel110/12/09, 19:35
Circuit: Silverstone GP9001:38.872 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 487+0:06.735+0:00.107
Zonda R
299.0MTNormalWheel110/12/09, 19:16
Circuit: Silverstone International5901:10.332 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 429+0:03.235+0:00.243
Zonda R
283.4MTNormalWheel410/12/09, 19:04
Circuit: Silverstone National6600:48.169 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 403+0:01.671+0:00.016
Zonda R
285.8MTNormalWheel509/12/09, 21:02
Circuit: Spa GP4902:03.119 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 623+0:04.453+0:00.023
Zonda R
317.7MTNormalWheel622/11/09, 19:46
Circuit: Tokyo Circuit7400:54.418 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 454+0:06.444+0:00.096
Zonda R
261.0MTNormalWheel108/12/09, 15:32
Circuit: Tokyo Club7800:41.257 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 438+0:03.665+0:00.006
Zonda R
258.4MTNormalWheel108/12/09, 15:27
Circuit: Willow Springs GP6501:09.295 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 448+0:03.555+0:00.026
Zonda R
305.6MTNormalWheel108/12/09, 15:19
Circuit: Willow Springs Horse5800:51.869 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 466+0:04.708+0:00.122
Zonda R
224.6MTNormalWheel008/12/09, 14:42

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