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Player details
Nickname: sanjit5pro
Number of Results (Circuit; Drift): 28 (28; 0)
Pts. (Circuit; Drift): 14 (14; 0)
Beat WR's: 0
Improved Own Records: 138
Top Speed Reached: 337.4 km/h
Average Place: 65.25
Country: India
Real Name: sanjit singh
City: new delhi
Age: 21
MSN, [at] = @ :
Player Profile Viewed:828
Statistics Icon Viewed:0
Joined: 23/11/09, 17:58 GMT
Last Received Record: 22/01/10, 07:22 GMT

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Track # Pts. Record Loss Diff. Car Top Speed Trans. Handl. Controller Impr. Date
Circuit: Alpental8100:37.593+0:01.761+0:00.002
Zonda R
232.2ATNormalPad817/01/10, 10:15
Circuit: Autopolis GP7001:34.666+0:04.374+0:00.151
Zonda R
307.7ATNormalPad621/01/10, 08:51
Circuit: Autopolis Lakeside4900:49.034+0:04.084+0:00.063
Zonda R
191.3ATNormalPad321/01/10, 18:23
Circuit: Brands Hatch GP9601:17.684+0:04.622+0:00.138
Zonda R
274.5ATNormalPad520/01/10, 12:10
Circuit: Brands Hatch Indy5800:40.297+0:01.653+0:00.004
Zonda R
266.2ATNormalPad218/01/10, 10:20
Circuit: Dakota Club7200:33.526+0:01.910+0:00.022
Zonda R
262.4ATNormalPad320/01/10, 14:52
Circuit: Dakota GP9100:41.958+0:02.973+0:00.164
Zonda R
295.2ATNormalPad320/01/10, 14:40
Circuit: Dakota National6600:36.593+0:02.207+0:00.030
Zonda R
265.5ATNormalPad520/01/10, 12:37
Circuit: Dakota Tri-Oval6800:30.475+0:01.235+0:00.068
329.3ATNormalPad910/01/10, 16:59
Circuit: Donington National8201:00.727+0:03.575+0:00.039
Zonda R
274.5ATNormalPad620/01/10, 16:39
Circuit: Ebisu Circuit South4200:27.298+0:02.384+0:00.073
Zonda R
193.5ATNormalPad614/01/10, 07:40
Circuit: Ebisu Circuit West3740:49.501+0:02.940+0:00.089
Zonda R
228.2ATNormalPad814/01/10, 06:12
Circuit: Glendale Club6900:32.781+0:02.355+0:00.014
Zonda R
245.5ATNormalPad617/01/10, 11:08
Circuit: Glendale East8000:46.543+0:02.350+0:00.006
Zonda R
264.6ATNormalPad617/01/10, 10:56
Circuit: Hazyview Eight4010:15.446+0:00.731+0:00.040
Zonda R
158.5ATNormalPad817/01/10, 16:33
Circuit: Hazyview Oval5100:11.483+0:00.607+0:00.010
Zonda R
167.1ATNormalPad518/01/10, 06:48
Circuit: Laguna Seca6901:16.110+0:03.572+0:00.010
Zonda R
270.8ATNormalPad622/01/10, 06:15
Circuit: London River4601:09.075+0:04.204+0:00.004
Zonda R
293.6ATNormalPad1022/01/10, 07:22
Circuit: London Royal Mile3291:14.125+0:04.060+0:00.033
Zonda R
293.1ATNormalPad416/01/10, 06:36
Circuit: Miyatomi5700:10.922+0:00.523+0:00.010
Zonda R
151.5ATNormalPad413/01/10, 10:53
Circuit: Nordschleife (Karussell)8802:15.403+0:14.494+0:00.848
Zonda R
304.6ATNormalPad012/01/10, 14:56
Circuit: Nordschleife (Nurnburg)8002:06.831+0:13.292+0:00.441
Zonda R
337.4ATNormalPad212/01/10, 14:52
Circuit: Rustle creek5800:17.088 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 214+0:00.849+0:00.008
Zonda R
245.8ATNormalPad108/01/10, 18:15
Circuit: Silverstone GP10401:39.707+0:07.570+0:00.017
Zonda R
283.3ATNormalPad414/01/10, 09:17
Circuit: Silverstone National7100:48.276+0:01.778+0:00.021
Zonda R
283.1ATNormalPad1021/01/10, 17:24
Circuit: Tokyo Circuit5400:52.187+0:04.213+0:00.016
Zonda R
270.4ATNormalPad415/01/10, 15:35
Circuit: Tokyo Club6900:40.627+0:03.035+0:00.001
Zonda R
245.6ATNormalPad120/01/10, 17:05
Circuit: Willow Springs Horse4700:50.860+0:03.699+0:00.046
Zonda R
207.8ATNormalPad314/01/10, 08:13

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