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Player details
Nickname: Bordeaux
Number of Results (Circuit; Drift): 49 (37; 12)
Pts. (Circuit; Drift): 0 (0; 0)
Beat WR's: 0
Improved Own Records: 101
Top Speed Reached: 365.8 km/h
Average Place: 86.68
Country: Vietnam
Team: SL
Real Name: DuoLE
City: Hochiminh
Age: 26
MSN, [at] = @ :
Player Profile Viewed:2601
Statistics Icon Viewed:0
Joined: 28/11/09, 02:29 GMT
Last Received Record: 27/03/10, 17:21 GMT

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Track # Pts. Record Loss Diff. Car Top Speed Trans. Handl. Controller Impr. Date
Circuit: Alpental10600:38.223 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 335+0:02.391+0:00.009
Zonda R
237.8MTNormalPad604/02/10, 13:34
Circuit: Ambush Canyon8101:19.559 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 300+0:08.446+0:00.386
Zonda R
271.1MTNormalPad326/03/10, 15:32
Circuit: Autopolis GP7701:35.341 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 281+0:05.049+0:00.100
Zonda R
306.0MTNormalPad427/03/10, 07:15
Circuit: Autopolis Lakeside6900:51.314 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 304+0:06.364+0:00.065
204.3MTNormalPad124/01/10, 04:50
Circuit: Brands Hatch GP8701:17.249 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 324+0:04.187+0:00.093
Zonda R
283.1MTNormalPad827/03/10, 07:30
Circuit: Brands Hatch Indy9800:41.946 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 295+0:03.302+0:00.035
Zonda R
258.4MTNormalPad115/12/09, 13:42
Circuit: Dakota Club9200:34.421 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 308+0:02.805+0:00.008
Zonda R
258.5MTNormalPad322/01/10, 11:16
Circuit: Dakota GP9600:42.194 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 304+0:03.209+0:00.011
Zonda R
301.2MTNormalPad323/01/10, 17:29
Circuit: Dakota National7500:36.961 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 311+0:02.575+0:00.031
279.0MTNormalPad223/01/10, 08:46
Circuit: Dakota Tri-Oval8200:30.905 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 284+0:01.665+0:00.079
328.5MTNormalPad423/01/10, 18:16
Circuit: Donington GP7901:22.658 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 303+0:05.442+0:00.383
Zonda R
276.4MTNormalPad324/01/10, 03:09
Circuit: Donington National10201:01.780 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 309+0:04.628+0:00.166
Zonda R
286.3MTNormalPad306/02/10, 08:58
Circuit: Ebisu Circuit South8200:29.829+0:04.915+0:00.030
186.5MTNormalPad103/12/09, 14:20
Circuit: Ebisu Circuit West8600:53.950+0:07.389+0:00.162
223.6MTNormalPad003/12/09, 14:40
Circuit: Glendale Club9200:33.719 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 339+0:03.293+0:00.090
Zonda R
245.2MTNormalPad104/12/09, 16:09
Circuit: Glendale East10300:47.950 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 314+0:03.757+0:00.173
Zonda R
257.9MTNormalPad016/12/09, 14:46
Circuit: Glendale West8400:49.377 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 318+0:06.043+0:00.211
Zonda R
258.8MTNormalPad016/12/09, 14:51
Circuit: Hazyview Eight5400:15.647 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 308+0:00.932+0:00.025
147.6MTNormalPad701/02/10, 14:42
Circuit: Hazyview Oval7200:11.737 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 310+0:00.861+0:00.004
162.8MTNormalPad601/02/10, 14:48
Circuit: Laguna Seca10201:17.956 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 283+0:05.418+0:00.007
Zonda R
268.8MTNormalPad509/02/10, 03:32
Circuit: London River8801:13.073 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 280+0:08.202+0:00.135
Zonda R
293.8MTNormalPad223/03/10, 13:25
Circuit: London Royal Mile6501:18.770 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 288+0:08.705+0:00.531
Zonda R
300.5MTNormalPad223/03/10, 13:33
Circuit: Miyatomi9500:11.427 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 268+0:01.028+0:00.018
Zonda R
148.7MTNormalPad320/01/10, 10:37
Circuit: Nordschleife10806:30.325 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 312+0:43.194+0:00.088
Zonda R
365.8MTNormalPad301/02/10, 14:20
Circuit: Nordschleife (Aremberg)7902:17.773 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 340+0:12.573+0:00.631
Zonda R
333.4MTNormalPad319/01/10, 15:29
Circuit: Nordschleife (Karussell)9202:16.817 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 328+0:15.908+0:00.485
287.2MTNormalPad119/12/09, 17:51
Circuit: Nordschleife (Nurnburg)10302:44.174 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 335+0:50.635+0:02.222
Zonda R
301.8MTProPad008/12/09, 11:54
Circuit: Road America10101:55.463 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 384+0:08.178+0:00.361
Zonda R
328.0MTNormalPad207/02/10, 02:31
Circuit: Rustle creek8300:17.477 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 283+0:01.238+0:00.055
236.8MTNormalPad221/01/10, 11:57
Circuit: Silverstone GP7301:37.322 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 330+0:05.185+0:00.401
Zonda R
304.1MTNormalPad927/03/10, 17:21
Circuit: Silverstone International9601:14.547 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 334+0:07.450+0:00.624
Zonda R
264.5MTNormalKeyboard127/12/09, 14:37
Circuit: Silverstone National10800:50.387 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 324+0:03.889+0:00.002
283.1MTNormalPad019/12/09, 09:29
Circuit: Spa GP10602:07.703 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 297+0:09.037+0:00.098
Zonda R
310.9MTNormalPad330/01/10, 08:45
Circuit: Tokyo Circuit6500:53.450 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 305+0:05.476+0:00.166
Zonda R
264.3MTNormalPad421/01/10, 10:48
Circuit: Tokyo Club7700:41.251 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 289+0:03.659+0:00.007
249.8MTNormalPad119/12/09, 17:20
Circuit: Willow Springs GP8301:11.030 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 314+0:05.290+0:00.011
Zonda R
305.1MTNormalPad220/01/10, 23:52
Circuit: Willow Springs Horse6600:52.730 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 281+0:05.569+0:00.131
Zonda R
201.4MTNormalKeyboard221/12/09, 10:42

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