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Player details
Nickname: gizik184
Number of Results (Circuit; Drift): 31 (31; 0)
Pts. (Circuit; Drift): 574 (574; 0)
Beat WR's: 0
Improved Own Records: 105
Top Speed Reached: 357.5 km/h
Average Place: 25.68
Country: Poland
Real Name: Marcin
City: Siedlce
Age: 26
MSN, [at] = @ :
Player Profile Viewed:2450
Statistics Icon Viewed:0
Joined: 20/02/10, 09:09 GMT
Last Received Record: 27/03/11, 15:20 GMT

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Track # Pts. Record Loss Diff. Car Top Speed Trans. Handl. Controller Impr. Date
Circuit: Alpental30110:36.588+0:00.756+0:00.023
Zonda R
246.2MTNormalWheel226/02/11, 12:54
Circuit: Ambush Canyon13361:12.671+0:01.558+0:00.067
Zonda R
277.9MTNormalWheel310/03/11, 19:52
Circuit: Autopolis GP20221:31.608+0:01.316+0:00.029
Zonda R
307.7MTNormalWheel724/03/11, 10:32
Circuit: Autopolis Lakeside4200:48.447+0:03.497+0:00.036
Zonda R
199.4MTNormalWheel122/03/11, 12:59
Circuit: Brands Hatch GP3291:14.515+0:01.453+0:00.001
Zonda R
286.6MTNormalWheel503/03/11, 11:24
Circuit: Brands Hatch Indy22190:39.429+0:00.785+0:00.019
Zonda R
272.7MTNormalWheel724/03/11, 10:45
Circuit: Dakota Club26150:32.299+0:00.683+0:00.024
Zonda R
268.0MTNormalWheel513/03/11, 10:14
Circuit: Dakota GP15320:39.462+0:00.477+0:00.003
Zonda R
302.9MTNormalWheel410/03/11, 19:29
Circuit: Dakota National17280:34.939+0:00.553+0:00.023
Zonda R
276.8MTNormalWheel322/02/11, 19:55
Circuit: Dakota Tri-Oval26150:29.721+0:00.481+0:00.002
329.8MTNormalWheel323/03/11, 11:36
Circuit: Donington GP28131:19.158+0:01.942+0:00.122
Zonda R
278.4MTNormalWheel127/03/11, 13:26
Circuit: Donington National13360:57.923+0:00.771+0:00.126
Zonda R
290.5MTNormalWheel727/03/11, 15:20
Circuit: Glendale Club3920:31.619+0:01.193+0:00.001
Zonda R
251.7MTNormalWheel303/03/11, 09:13
Circuit: Glendale East23180:44.814+0:00.621+0:00.023
Zonda R
274.1MTNormalWheel621/03/11, 18:31
Circuit: Glendale West30110:45.181+0:01.847+0:00.008
Zonda R
270.6MTNormalWheel222/03/11, 13:37
Circuit: Hazyview Eight6000:15.774 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 406+0:01.059+0:00.004
Zonda R
157.6MTNormalWheel125/06/10, 10:18
Circuit: Hazyview Oval25160:11.230+0:00.354+0:00.001
Zonda R
170.0MTNormalWheel228/02/11, 21:58
Circuit: Laguna Seca22191:13.781+0:01.243+0:00.069
Zonda R
275.3MTNormalWheel624/03/11, 10:01
Circuit: London River11401:06.861+0:01.990+0:00.069
Zonda R
296.4MTNormalWheel316/03/11, 12:08
Circuit: London Royal Mile9461:11.579+0:01.514+0:00.036
Zonda R
303.9MTNormalWheel215/03/11, 23:06
Circuit: Miyatomi4300:10.805+0:00.406+0:00.004
Zonda R
159.9MTNormalWheel123/02/11, 16:23
Circuit: Nordschleife4606:08.739+0:21.608+0:00.122
Zonda R
357.5MTNormalWheel125/03/11, 20:26
Circuit: Nordschleife (Karussell)4202:06.175+0:05.266+0:00.042
Zonda R
308.6MTNormalWheel424/03/11, 11:31
Circuit: Road America28131:49.657+0:02.372+0:00.092
Zonda R
333.9MTNormalWheel225/02/11, 16:36
Circuit: Rustle creek19240:16.516+0:00.277+0:00.013
Zonda R
243.8MTNormalWheel626/02/11, 13:58
Circuit: Silverstone GP20221:34.148+0:02.011+0:00.062
Zonda R
305.4MTNormalWheel420/03/11, 15:33
Circuit: Silverstone International22191:08.601+0:01.504+0:00.029
Zonda R
286.9MTNormalWheel223/02/11, 17:16
Circuit: Silverstone National16300:46.987+0:00.489+0:00.002
Zonda R
290.5MTNormalWheel328/02/11, 11:58
Circuit: Spa GP22192:00.906+0:02.240+0:00.028
Zonda R
308.1MTNormalWheel421/03/11, 17:24
Circuit: Tokyo Circuit25160:50.041 Access: Public. Telemetry Downloads: 420+0:02.067+0:00.016
Zonda R
272.1MTNormalWheel105/06/10, 15:33
Circuit: Willow Springs GP10431:06.325+0:00.585+0:00.016
Zonda R
307.5MTNormalWheel410/03/11, 20:44

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