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Team Details
Team short abbreviation: USSR
Team full name: USSR Team
Homepage: http://ussr-team.com
About the Team:

Trophies Circuit: Record at Tokyo Circuit: 0:48.112 (USSRxTwitchy)Record at Spa GP: 1:58.828 (USSRxProStreet)Record at London Royal Mile: 1:10.423 (USSRxTwitchy)Record at Glendale East: 0:44.283 (USSRxLegend)
Trophies Drift:
Positions in Standings (Circuit; Drift): 3 (3; 13)
Pts. (Circuit; Drift): 3,289 (3284; 5)
Number of Results (Circuit; Drift): 186 (164; 22)
Participated players (Circuit; Drift)): 10 (10; 1)
The team has beaten WR's:171
Has Most Points:USSRxLegend
Has Most Trophies:USSRxTwitchy
Best Player in Circuit:USSRxLegend
Best Player in Drift:INFEL8

Type: Country:

Overall Player Standings
# Country Team Player Pts. Loss Diff. Number of Results (Circuit; Drift) Trophies
1UkraineUSSRUSSRxLegend1,481 -0 -038 (37; 1)Record at Glendale East: 0:44.283
2RussiaUSSRUSSRxMrRASER661 -820 -82034 (33; 1)
3RussiaUSSRUSSRxTwitchy409 -1,072 -2526 (6; 0)Record at London Royal Mile: 1:10.423Record at Tokyo Circuit: 0:48.112
4RussiaUSSRUSSRxProStreet402 -1,079 -78 (8; 0)Record at Spa GP: 1:58.828
5UkraineUSSRUSSRxALeXeR251 -1,230 -1518 (8; 0)
6RussiaUSSRINFEL851 -1,430 -20013 (12; 1)
7RussiaUSSRUSSRxAzzy28 -1,453 -2332 (32; 0)
8UkraineUSSRUSSRxNeonion6 -1,475 -228 (8; 0)

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