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Team Details
Team short abbreviation: BRT
Team full name: Baden Racing Team
Homepage: http://www.youtube.com/user/Xxschudo95xX?feature=mhum
About the Team:

Trophies Circuit: Record at Willow Springs Horse: 0:47.161 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Willow Springs GP: 1:05.740 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Tokyo Club: 0:37.592 (micrak)Record at Silverstone National: 0:46.498 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Silverstone International: 1:07.097 (Schudo)Record at Silverstone GP: 1:32.137 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Rustle creek: 0:16.239 (Schudo)Record at Nordschleife (Nurnburg): 1:53.539 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Nordschleife (Karussell): 2:00.909 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Nordschleife (Aremberg): 2:05.200 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Nordschleife: 5:47.131 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Miyatomi: 0:10.399 (Schudo)Record at London River: 1:04.871 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Laguna Seca: 1:12.538 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Hazyview Oval: 0:10.876 (micrak)Record at Hazyview Eight: 0:14.715 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Glendale West: 0:43.334 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Glendale East: 0:44.193 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Glendale Club: 0:30.426 (Schudo)Record at Ebisu Circuit West: 0:46.561 (Schudo)
Record at Ebisu Circuit South: 0:24.914 (micrak)Record at Donington National: 0:57.152 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Donington GP: 1:17.216 (Schudo)Record at Dakota Tri-Oval: 0:29.240 (Schudo)Record at Dakota National: 0:34.386 (Schudo)Record at Dakota GP: 0:38.985 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Dakota Club: 0:31.616 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Brands Hatch Indy: 0:38.644 (Schudo)Record at Brands Hatch GP: 1:13.062 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Autopolis Lakeside: 0:44.950 (Schudo)Record at Autopolis GP: 1:30.292 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Ambush Canyon: 1:11.113 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Willow Springs GP: 1:05.910 (micrak)Record at Tokyo Club: 0:37.730 (tommy993)Record at Silverstone National: 0:46.557 (micrak)Record at Silverstone International: 1:07.221 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Rustle creek: 0:16.277 (micrak)Record at Road America: 1:47.610 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Miyatomi: 0:10.406 (micrak)Record at Hazyview Oval: 0:10.902 (Schudo)
Record at Hazyview Eight: 0:14.716 (micrak)Record at Glendale East: 0:44.252 (micrak)Record at Glendale Club: 0:30.453 (micrak)Record at Ebisu Circuit West: 0:46.764 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Ebisu Circuit South: 0:25.009 (Schudo)Record at Donington National: 0:57.354 (Schudo)Record at Dakota Tri-Oval: 0:29.307 (micrak)Record at Dakota National: 0:34.392 (micrak)Record at Brands Hatch Indy: 0:38.683 (micrak)Record at Brands Hatch GP: 1:13.086 (micrak)Record at Alpental: 0:35.837 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Willow Springs Horse: 0:47.387 (Schudo)Record at Tokyo Club: 0:37.749 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Tokyo Circuit: 0:48.201 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Spa GP: 1:58.905 (micrak)Record at Silverstone International: 1:07.229 (micrak)Record at Rustle creek: 0:16.316 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Road America: 1:47.651 (micrak)Record at Nordschleife: 5:50.566 (micrak)Record at Miyatomi: 0:10.445 (SPEEDFr3ak)
Record at London Royal Mile: 1:10.652 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Laguna Seca: 1:12.758 (micrak)Record at Hazyview Oval: 0:10.923 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Hazyview Eight: 0:14.812 (tommy993)Record at Glendale West: 0:43.589 (micrak)Record at Glendale Club: 0:30.554 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Ebisu Circuit West: 0:46.898 (micrak)Record at Donington GP: 1:17.586 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Dakota National: 0:34.523 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Dakota GP: 0:39.024 (micrak)Record at Dakota Club: 0:31.655 (micrak)Record at Brands Hatch Indy: 0:38.743 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Brands Hatch GP: 1:13.169 (Schudo)Record at Autopolis Lakeside: 0:45.037 (SPEEDFr3ak)Record at Alpental: 0:35.868 (Schudo)
Trophies Drift:
Positions in Standings (Circuit; Drift): 1 (1; 3)
Pts. (Circuit; Drift): 12,281 (11105; 1176)
Number of Results (Circuit; Drift): 234 (198; 36)
Participated players (Circuit; Drift)): 6 (6; 3)
The team has beaten WR's:84
Has Most Points:SPEEDFr3ak
Has Most Trophies:SPEEDFr3ak
Best Player in Circuit:SPEEDFr3ak
Best Player in Drift:tsuschiya

Type: Country:

Overall Player Standings
# Country Team Player Pts. Loss Diff. Number of Results (Circuit; Drift) Trophies
1GermanyBRTSPEEDFr3ak3,223 -0 -037 (37; 0)Record at Ambush Canyon: 1:11.113Record at Autopolis GP: 1:30.292Record at Brands Hatch GP: 1:13.062Record at Dakota Club: 0:31.616Record at Dakota GP: 0:38.985Record at Donington National: 0:57.152Record at Glendale East: 0:44.193Record at Glendale West: 0:43.334Record at Hazyview Eight: 0:14.715Record at Laguna Seca: 1:12.538
Record at London River: 1:04.871Record at Nordschleife: 5:47.131Record at Nordschleife (Aremberg): 2:05.200Record at Nordschleife (Karussell): 2:00.909Record at Nordschleife (Nurnburg): 1:53.539Record at Silverstone GP: 1:32.137Record at Silverstone National: 0:46.498Record at Willow Springs GP: 1:05.740Record at Willow Springs Horse: 0:47.161Record at Alpental: 0:35.837
Record at Ebisu Circuit West: 0:46.764Record at Road America: 1:47.610Record at Silverstone International: 1:07.221Record at Autopolis Lakeside: 0:45.037Record at Brands Hatch Indy: 0:38.743Record at Dakota National: 0:34.523Record at Donington GP: 1:17.586Record at Glendale Club: 0:30.554Record at Hazyview Oval: 0:10.923Record at London Royal Mile: 1:10.652
Record at Miyatomi: 0:10.445Record at Rustle creek: 0:16.316Record at Tokyo Circuit: 0:48.201Record at Tokyo Club: 0:37.749
2GermanyBRTSchudo2,763 -460 -46049 (37; 12)Record at Autopolis Lakeside: 0:44.950Record at Brands Hatch Indy: 0:38.644Record at Dakota National: 0:34.386Record at Dakota Tri-Oval: 0:29.240Record at Donington GP: 1:17.216Record at Ebisu Circuit West: 0:46.561Record at Glendale Club: 0:30.426Record at Miyatomi: 0:10.399Record at Rustle creek: 0:16.239Record at Silverstone International: 1:07.097
Record at Donington National: 0:57.354Record at Ebisu Circuit South: 0:25.009Record at Hazyview Oval: 0:10.902Record at Alpental: 0:35.868Record at Brands Hatch GP: 1:13.169Record at Willow Springs Horse: 0:47.387
3GermanyBRTmicrak2,576 -647 -18737 (37; 0)Record at Ebisu Circuit South: 0:24.914Record at Hazyview Oval: 0:10.876Record at Tokyo Club: 0:37.592Record at Brands Hatch GP: 1:13.086Record at Brands Hatch Indy: 0:38.683Record at Dakota National: 0:34.392Record at Dakota Tri-Oval: 0:29.307Record at Glendale Club: 0:30.453Record at Glendale East: 0:44.252Record at Hazyview Eight: 0:14.716
Record at Miyatomi: 0:10.406Record at Rustle creek: 0:16.277Record at Silverstone National: 0:46.557Record at Willow Springs GP: 1:05.910Record at Dakota Club: 0:31.655Record at Dakota GP: 0:39.024Record at Ebisu Circuit West: 0:46.898Record at Glendale West: 0:43.589Record at Laguna Seca: 1:12.758Record at Nordschleife: 5:50.566
Record at Road America: 1:47.651Record at Silverstone International: 1:07.229Record at Spa GP: 1:58.905
4GermanyBRTtommy9931,963 -1,260 -61349 (37; 12)Record at Tokyo Club: 0:37.730Record at Hazyview Eight: 0:14.812
5GermanyBRTtsuschiya1,623 -1,600 -34049 (37; 12)
6GermanyBRTDKrSe133 -3,090 -1,49013 (13; 0)

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