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Circuit Player Standings
# Country Team Player Pts. Loss Diff. Number of Results Trophies
1GermanyBRTSPEEDFr3ak3,223 -0 -037Record at Circuit: Ambush Canyon: 1:11.113Record at Circuit: Autopolis GP: 1:30.292Record at Circuit: Brands Hatch GP: 1:13.062Record at Circuit: Dakota Club: 0:31.616Record at Circuit: Dakota GP: 0:38.985Record at Circuit: Donington National: 0:57.152Record at Circuit: Glendale East: 0:44.193Record at Circuit: Glendale West: 0:43.334Record at Circuit: Hazyview Eight: 0:14.715Record at Circuit: Laguna Seca: 1:12.538
Record at Circuit: London River: 1:04.871Record at Circuit: Nordschleife: 5:47.131Record at Circuit: Nordschleife (Aremberg): 2:05.200Record at Circuit: Nordschleife (Karussell): 2:00.909Record at Circuit: Nordschleife (Nurnburg): 1:53.539Record at Circuit: Silverstone GP: 1:32.137Record at Circuit: Silverstone National: 0:46.498Record at Circuit: Willow Springs GP: 1:05.740Record at Circuit: Willow Springs Horse: 0:47.161Record at Circuit: Alpental: 0:35.837
Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit West: 0:46.764Record at Circuit: Road America: 1:47.610Record at Circuit: Silverstone International: 1:07.221Record at Circuit: Autopolis Lakeside: 0:45.037Record at Circuit: Brands Hatch Indy: 0:38.743Record at Circuit: Dakota National: 0:34.523Record at Circuit: Donington GP: 1:17.586Record at Circuit: Glendale Club: 0:30.554Record at Circuit: Hazyview Oval: 0:10.923Record at Circuit: London Royal Mile: 1:10.652
Record at Circuit: Miyatomi: 0:10.445Record at Circuit: Rustle creek: 0:16.316Record at Circuit: Tokyo Circuit: 0:48.201Record at Circuit: Tokyo Club: 0:37.749
2GermanyBRTSchudo2,578 -645 -64537Record at Circuit: Autopolis Lakeside: 0:44.950Record at Circuit: Brands Hatch Indy: 0:38.644Record at Circuit: Dakota National: 0:34.386Record at Circuit: Dakota Tri-Oval: 0:29.240Record at Circuit: Donington GP: 1:17.216Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit West: 0:46.561Record at Circuit: Glendale Club: 0:30.426Record at Circuit: Miyatomi: 0:10.399Record at Circuit: Rustle creek: 0:16.239Record at Circuit: Silverstone International: 1:07.097
Record at Circuit: Donington National: 0:57.354Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit South: 0:25.009Record at Circuit: Hazyview Oval: 0:10.902Record at Circuit: Alpental: 0:35.868Record at Circuit: Brands Hatch GP: 1:13.169Record at Circuit: Willow Springs Horse: 0:47.387
3GermanyBRTmicrak2,576 -647 -237Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit South: 0:24.914Record at Circuit: Hazyview Oval: 0:10.876Record at Circuit: Tokyo Club: 0:37.592Record at Circuit: Brands Hatch GP: 1:13.086Record at Circuit: Brands Hatch Indy: 0:38.683Record at Circuit: Dakota National: 0:34.392Record at Circuit: Dakota Tri-Oval: 0:29.307Record at Circuit: Glendale Club: 0:30.453Record at Circuit: Glendale East: 0:44.252Record at Circuit: Hazyview Eight: 0:14.716
Record at Circuit: Miyatomi: 0:10.406Record at Circuit: Rustle creek: 0:16.277Record at Circuit: Silverstone National: 0:46.557Record at Circuit: Willow Springs GP: 1:05.910Record at Circuit: Dakota Club: 0:31.655Record at Circuit: Dakota GP: 0:39.024Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit West: 0:46.898Record at Circuit: Glendale West: 0:43.589Record at Circuit: Laguna Seca: 1:12.758Record at Circuit: Nordschleife: 5:50.566
Record at Circuit: Road America: 1:47.651Record at Circuit: Silverstone International: 1:07.229Record at Circuit: Spa GP: 1:58.905
4Portugalk1ckVGSpeedPro2,075 -1,148 -50137Record at Circuit: London Royal Mile: 1:10.065Record at Circuit: Ambush Canyon: 1:11.378Record at Circuit: Autopolis Lakeside: 0:44.953Record at Circuit: Donington GP: 1:17.388Record at Circuit: Glendale West: 0:43.466Record at Circuit: Laguna Seca: 1:12.666Record at Circuit: London River: 1:04.907Record at Circuit: Silverstone GP: 1:32.215Record at Circuit: Willow Springs Horse: 0:47.224Record at Circuit: Donington National: 0:57.393
Record at Circuit: Silverstone National: 0:46.561
5GermanyBRTtommy9931,671 -1,552 -40437Record at Circuit: Tokyo Club: 0:37.730Record at Circuit: Hazyview Eight: 0:14.812
6GermanyCipriani1,610 -1,613 -6136Record at Circuit: Dakota Club: 0:31.648Record at Circuit: Nordschleife: 5:48.384Record at Circuit: Nordschleife (Karussell): 2:00.980Record at Circuit: Nordschleife (Nurnburg): 1:53.967
7UkraineUSSRUSSRxLegend1,481 -1,742 -12937Record at Circuit: Glendale East: 0:44.283
8Ukrainemagnat381,471 -1,752 -1037Record at Circuit: Autopolis GP: 1:30.374Record at Circuit: Nordschleife (Nurnburg): 1:55.238Record at Circuit: Willow Springs GP: 1:05.930
9NorwayISRCDreamgate1,377 -1,846 -9437Record at Circuit: Dakota GP: 0:39.018Record at Circuit: Autopolis GP: 1:30.446
10GermanyISRCrtxus1,324 -1,899 -5337
11GermanyGRTFastbackDriver1,063 -2,160 -26137
12GermanyBRTtsuschiya924 -2,299 -13937
13SwedenElGuaposLightningBullet880 -2,343 -4437
14DenmarkISRCGrnkjr0844 -2,379 -3615Record at Circuit: Ambush Canyon: 1:11.570Record at Circuit: Nordschleife (Karussell): 2:01.132
15PolandLXLXBobas707 -2,516 -13713Record at Circuit: Ebisu Circuit South: 0:25.112
16ChinaFB[FB]WolfKing664 -2,559 -4335
17RussiaUSSRUSSRxMrRASER661 -2,562 -333
18Germanyrolandrudi604 -2,619 -5737
19Polandgizik184574 -2,649 -3031
20Russiaspeedxxx562 -2,661 -1228
21IranNaEEm557 -2,666 -528
22PolandSSCSSCxKATKING542 -2,681 -1537
23Switzerlandkingq535 -2,688 -734
24NorwayJonSR484 -2,739 -5135
25GermanyNfS Firefly430 -2,793 -5428
26RussiaINVERTER92426 -2,797 -424Record at Circuit: Nordschleife (Aremberg): 2:05.383
27GermanySKHuskyGoalie420 -2,803 -68Record at Circuit: London River: 1:05.103
28Germanyyogibear67-DoeRT415 -2,808 -537
29RussiaUSSRUSSRxTwitchy409 -2,814 -66Record at Circuit: London Royal Mile: 1:10.423Record at Circuit: Tokyo Circuit: 0:48.112
30Polandkruch406 -2,817 -323
31RussiaUSSRUSSRxProStreet402 -2,821 -48Record at Circuit: Spa GP: 1:58.828
32ChinaFB[FB]zero382 -2,841 -2021
33RussiaPROPROxKruiZ372 -2,851 -1029Record at Circuit: Tokyo Circuit: 0:47.974
34RussiaGGJokerGG370 -2,853 -235
35GermanyInComSysh31k0323 -2,900 -4737
36GermanySBMWarthog320 -2,903 -34Record at Circuit: Road America: 1:47.285Record at Circuit: Spa GP: 1:58.666
37RussiaPRIORPRIORxILPOSH309 -2,914 -1127
38GermanyaTTaXDreaF297 -2,926 -128
39RussiaVETER294 -2,929 -313Record at Circuit: Nordschleife (Aremberg): 2:05.832
40SpainCPCPxIroNBIN283 -2,940 -1137
41RussiaTormozOff282 -2,941 -129
42PolandSSCSSCxSHIFT63LUBLIN273 -2,950 -936
43United StatesISRCSpiko272 -2,951 -137
44GermanyISRCxXxH0TRIDExXx268 -2,955 -421
45RussiaARTARTxSERG266 -2,957 -27
46ChinaFB[FB]Driftz263 -2,960 -324
47UkraineUSSRUSSRxALeXeR251 -2,972 -128
48UkrainePROSHiFT229 -2,994 -2222
49RussiaPROPROxSTERH207 -3,016 -227
50GermanyMrWeedster186 -3,037 -214

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