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Team Details
Team short abbreviation: KGC
Team full name: Knockaround Guys
Homepage: http://www.kgclan.com/
About the Team:

We are a German Clan who brings together some of the Best Players from all over the World, especially in StreetX online Racing. Were a glad about every Visitor, so have Fun on the Site ! www.kgclan.com

Trophies Circuit: Record at Observatory Reverse: 4,229 (KGCdagunner)Record at Switchback Reverse: 0:47.005 (KGCdagunner)Record at Bayview Summit: 1:42.035 (KGCdagunner)Record at Ambassador Ridge Reverse: 4,169 (KGCdagunner)Record at Bayview Summit Reverse: 10,269 (KGCdagunner)Record at Bellavista Reverse: 12,474 (KGCdagunner)Record at Lower Eastside Reverse: 0:40.083 (KGCdagunner)Record at Freemont Reverse: 0:20.039 (KGCdagunner)Record at Observatory: 0:41.067 (KGCdagunner)Record at Ambassador Ridge: 0:39.063 (KGCdagunner)Record at Bellavista: 2:02.089 (KGCdagunner)Record at Switchback: 0:46.021 (KGCdagunner)
Trophies Drift: Record at Rollercoaster Reverse: 11,908 (KGCdagunner)Record at Cypress Bowl: 13,092 (KGCdagunner)Record at Blackcomb Way: 13,169 (KGCdagunner)Record at Rollercoaster: 11,831 (KGCdagunner)Record at Grouse Grind: 9,880 (KGCdagunner)Record at Domestic Arrivals Reverse: 8,446 (KGCdagunner)Record at Port Authority Reverse: 8,597 (KGCdagunner)Record at Blackcomb Way Reverse: 13,483 (KGCdagunner)Record at Grouse Grind Reverse: 9,698 (KGCdagunner)Record at South Junction Reverse: 8,651 (KGCdagunner)Record at Bayview Plaza Reverse: 6,793 (KGCdagunner)Record at Waste Management: 9,539 (KGCdagunner)Record at Port Authority: 8,788 (KGCdagunner)Record at Terminal & 2nd: 6,370 (KGCdagunner)Record at Eagleridge Estates: 11,733 (KGCdagunner)Record at : 449,401 (KGCdagunner)Record at Marathon Reverse: 13,974 (KGCdagunner)Record at Eagleridge Estates Reverse: 11,649 (KGCdagunner)Record at South Junction: 8,580 (KGCdagunner)Record at Rockridge Cross: 7,774 (KGCdagunner)
Positions in Standings (Circuit; Drift): 5 (10; 6)
Pts. (Circuit; Drift): 10,216 (1566; 3741)
Number of Results (Circuit; Drift): 0 (; )
Participated players (Circuit; Drift)): (; )
The team has beaten WR's:
Has Most Points:
Has Most Trophies:
Best Player in Circuit:
Best Player in Drift:

Type: Country:

Overall Player Standings
# Country Team Player Pts. Loss Diff. Number of Results (Circuit; Drift) Trophies
1GermanyKGCKGCdagunner8,374 -0 -068 (21; 47)Record at Bayview Summit: 1:42.035Record at Switchback Reverse: 0:47.005Record at Observatory Reverse: 4,229Record at Grouse Grind: 9,880Record at Rollercoaster: 11,831Record at Blackcomb Way: 13,169Record at Cypress Bowl: 13,092Record at Rollercoaster Reverse: 11,908Record at Industrial Park Track 1: 1,847Record at Industrial Park Track 3: 1,424
Record at Bayview Speedway Track 2: 3,671Record at Airport Circuit Track 1: 2,429Record at Airport Circuit Track 6: 4,793Record at Bayview Speedway Track 1 Reverse: 2,049Record at Airport Circuit Track 1 Reverse: 2,467Record at Bayview Summit Reverse: 10,269Record at Ambassador Ridge Reverse: 4,169Record at Eagleridge Estates: 11,733Record at Terminal & 2nd: 6,370Record at Port Authority: 8,788
Record at Waste Management: 9,539Record at Bayview Plaza Reverse: 6,793Record at South Junction Reverse: 8,651Record at Grouse Grind Reverse: 9,698Record at Blackcomb Way Reverse: 13,483Record at Port Authority Reverse: 8,597Record at Domestic Arrivals Reverse: 8,446Record at Industrial Park Track 2: 833Record at Parkade Track 2: 2,777Record at Parkade Track 3: 1,830
Record at Industrial Park Track 4 Reverse: 1,737Record at Parkade Track 2 Reverse: 2,780Record at Parkade Track 3 Reverse: 1,846Record at Bayview Speedway Track 1: 2,100Record at Bayview Speedway Track 3: 4,482Record at Bayview Speedway Track 4: 4,773Record at Bayview Speedway Track 5: 5,910Record at Bayview Speedway Track 2 Reverse: 3,697Record at Bayview Speedway Track 5 Reverse: 5,959Record at : 27,938
Record at : 90,550Record at Switchback: 0:46.021Record at Bellavista: 2:02.089Record at Ambassador Ridge: 0:39.063Record at Observatory: 0:41.067Record at Freemont Reverse: 0:20.039Record at Lower Eastside Reverse: 0:40.083Record at Bellavista Reverse: 12,474Record at Rockridge Cross: 7,774Record at South Junction: 8,580
Record at Eagleridge Estates Reverse: 11,649Record at Marathon Reverse: 13,974Record at Industrial Park Track 3 Reverse: 1,413Record at Parkade Track 1 Reverse: 1,588Record at Parkade Track 4 Reverse: 1,882Record at Airport Circuit Track 2: 3,299Record at Airport Circuit Track 4: 3,959Record at Bayview Speedway Track 4 Reverse: 4,800Record at Airport Circuit Track 2 Reverse: 3,304Record at Airport Circuit Track 3 Reverse: 3,452
Record at Airport Circuit Track 5 Reverse: 6,374Record at Airport Circuit Track 6 Reverse: 4,822Record at : 449,401
2AustraliaKGCKGCtuokool940 -7,434 -7,4345 (3; 2)Record at Parkade Track 4 Reverse: 1,874Record at Industrial Park Track 3: 1,431Record at Industrial Park Track 1 Reverse: 1,838Record at Industrial Park Track 4 Reverse: 1,739
3GermanyKGCKGCcrasy407 -7,967 -533110 (63; 47)
4GermanyKGCKGClone168 -8,206 -2391 (1; 0)
5GermanyKGCAvalon|toM:.142 -8,232 -2628 (6; 22)
6BrazilKGCRicK82 -8,292 -600 (0; 0)
7GermanyKGCKGCshorti8764 -8,310 -1819 (9; 10)
8GermanyKGCKGCbarri28 -8,346 -361 (1; 0)
9GermanyKGCKGCrazer10 -8,364 -183 (1; 2)
10IrelandKGCKGCviper1 -8,373 -92 (2; 0)

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