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Team Details
Team short abbreviation: nG
Team full name: New Generation
Homepage: http://www.ng-team.com
About the Team:

This team unite best players from all over the world that have skill and are winners of lan/online tourneys. Gear(1st GF WCG2005) Godsmack(2nd GF WCG2005) Falcao(3rd National Brazil Final WCG2005) Speed(4th National Final WCG2005) Brunospfc(1st Brazil drift chamioship) Nosferatu(1st National Thailand final WCG2004/05) Vido(1st Asus Autumn open 2005)

Trophies Circuit: Record at Park Drive Reverse: 4,938 (playArtRecord at Jackpot Reverse: 7,949 (playArtRecord at Grandview Station Reverse: 7,453 (playArtRecord at Smokestack Reverse: 7,199 (playArtGearNG)Record at Dockside Reverse: 7,094 (playArtGearNG)Record at Jackpot: 1:18.034 (playArtRecord at Phoenix Steel Reverse: 8,741 (playArtGearNG)Record at Broad Street Reverse: 7,326 (playArtRecord at Bayview International Reverse: 9,147 (playArtRecord at Smokestack Reverse: 7,216 (playArtRecord at Freeway West Reverse: 6,451 (playArtGearNG)Record at Shoreside Reverse: 4,638 (playArtRecord at Lower Eastside Reverse: 0:40.080 (playArtRecord at Resort Loop Reverse: 0:43.094 (playArtRecord at Phoenix Steel: 1:20.094 (playArtRecord at Bayview International: 1:30.037 (playArtGearNG)Record at Woodbine Park: 1:17.014 (playArtRecord at Grandview Station: 1:13.097 (playArtRecord at Smokestack: 1:10.085 (playArtRecord at Dockside: 1:04.000 (playArtGearNG)
Record at Shoreside: 0:45.079 (playArtGearNG)Record at Resort Loop: 0:42.047 (playArtGearNG)Record at : 419,973 (playArtRecord at Phoenix Steel Reverse: 8,899 (playArtRecord at Scenic Ride Reverse: 3,000 (playArtRecord at Bayview International Reverse: 9,153 (playArtGearNG)Record at 12th & Arbutus Reverse: 9,983 (playArtRecord at Park Drive Reverse: 4,973 (playArtGearNG)Record at Woodbine Park Reverse: 7,804 (playArtRecord at Dockside Reverse: 7,230 (playArtRecord at Marine & 25th Reverse: 7,683 (playArtRecord at Observatory Reverse: 4,262 (playArtRecord at University Hill Reverse: 8,454 (playArtRecord at Freeway West Reverse: 6,509 (playArtRecord at Ambassador Ridge Reverse: 4,195 (playArtRecord at Switchback Reverse: 0:47.086 (playArtRecord at City Hall Reverse: 0:38.022 (playArtRecord at Phoenix Steel: 1:21.031 (Nosferatu.nG)Record at Park Drive: 0:49.028 (playArtRecord at Jackpot: 1:18.093 (playArtGearNG)
Record at Lower Eastside: 0:40.024 (playArtGearNG)
Trophies Drift: Record at Bayview Plaza: 6,688 (playArtRecord at Rockridge Cross: 7,732 (playArtRecord at 2nd & Bellevue Reverse: 14,864 (playArtRecord at Rockridge Cross Reverse: 7,635 (playArt
Positions in Standings (Circuit; Drift): 2 (1; 7)
Pts. (Circuit; Drift): 20,797 (8469; 3421)
Number of Results (Circuit; Drift): 0 (; )
Participated players (Circuit; Drift)): (; )
The team has beaten WR's:
Has Most Points:
Has Most Trophies:
Best Player in Circuit:
Best Player in Drift:

Type: Country:

Overall Player Standings
# Country Team Player Pts. Loss Diff. Number of Results (Circuit; Drift) Trophies
1BrazilnGplayArt'SpeedNG8,811 -0 -0110 (63; 47)Record at Jackpot: 1:18.034Record at Grandview Station Reverse: 7,453Record at Jackpot Reverse: 7,949Record at Park Drive Reverse: 4,938Record at Bayview Plaza: 6,688Record at Bayview Speedway Track 1: 2,098Record at Bayview Speedway Track 3: 4,468Record at Bayview Speedway Track 4: 4,767Record at Bayview Speedway Track 5: 5,902Record at Airport Circuit Track 2: 3,275
Record at Bayview Speedway Track 2 Reverse: 3,683Record at Bayview Speedway Track 3 Reverse: 4,475Record at Bayview Speedway Track 4 Reverse: 4,761Record at Bayview Speedway Track 5 Reverse: 5,950Record at Airport Circuit Track 2 Reverse: 3,286Record at Airport Circuit Track 3 Reverse: 3,433Record at : 90,290Record at Smokestack: 1:10.085Record at Grandview Station: 1:13.097Record at Woodbine Park: 1:17.014
Record at Phoenix Steel: 1:20.094Record at Resort Loop Reverse: 0:43.094Record at Lower Eastside Reverse: 0:40.080Record at Shoreside Reverse: 4,638Record at Smokestack Reverse: 7,216Record at Bayview International Reverse: 9,147Record at Broad Street Reverse: 7,326Record at Rockridge Cross: 7,732Record at Airport Circuit Track 3: 3,420Record at Airport Circuit Track 4: 3,956
Record at Airport Circuit Track 5: 6,284Record at Airport Circuit Track 6: 4,802Record at Bayview Speedway Track 1 Reverse: 2,052Record at Airport Circuit Track 4 Reverse: 3,921Record at Airport Circuit Track 5 Reverse: 6,355Record at Airport Circuit Track 6 Reverse: 4,795Record at Park Drive: 0:49.028Record at City Hall Reverse: 0:38.022Record at Switchback Reverse: 0:47.086Record at Ambassador Ridge Reverse: 4,195
Record at Freeway West Reverse: 6,509Record at University Hill Reverse: 8,454Record at Observatory Reverse: 4,262Record at Marine & 25th Reverse: 7,683Record at Dockside Reverse: 7,230Record at Woodbine Park Reverse: 7,804Record at 12th & Arbutus Reverse: 9,983Record at Scenic Ride Reverse: 3,000Record at Phoenix Steel Reverse: 8,899Record at Rockridge Cross Reverse: 7,635
Record at 2nd & Bellevue Reverse: 14,864Record at Bayview Speedway Track 2: 3,678Record at Airport Circuit Track 1 Reverse: 2,472Record at : 419,973
2BrazilnGplayArtGearNG3,740 -5,071 -5,07138 (32; 6)Record at Dockside Reverse: 7,094Record at Smokestack Reverse: 7,199Record at Airport Circuit Track 4: 3,936Record at Airport Circuit Track 5: 6,263Record at Airport Circuit Track 4 Reverse: 3,902Record at Airport Circuit Track 6 Reverse: 4,786Record at Resort Loop: 0:42.047Record at Shoreside: 0:45.079Record at Dockside: 1:04.000Record at Bayview International: 1:30.037
Record at Freeway West Reverse: 6,451Record at Phoenix Steel Reverse: 8,741Record at Airport Circuit Track 3 Reverse: 3,437Record at Lower Eastside: 0:40.024Record at Jackpot: 1:18.093Record at Park Drive Reverse: 4,973Record at Bayview International Reverse: 9,153Record at Airport Circuit Track 3: 3,425Record at Bayview Speedway Track 1 Reverse: 2,054
3BrazilnGbrunospfcNG3,595 -5,216 -14573 (63; 10)Record at Stadium Drift 2: 353,129Record at Hillside Manor: 1,342,209Record at Lighthouse: 1,908,833Record at : 12,201,650Record at Stadium Drift 1: 220,642Record at Stadium Drift 4: 359,038Record at Stadium Drift 5: 461,169Record at Parkade Drift 2: 519,966Record at Parkade Drift 4: 652,334Record at Parkade Drift 5: 719,259
Record at Parkade Drift 6: 878,303Record at Capilano Heights: 484,655Record at Powerline: 743,547Record at Hollyburn Ridge: 1,059,837Record at City Lights: 1,384,572Record at Stadium Drift 3: 372,085Record at Parkade Drift 3: 479,684
4UkrainenGPro100|Vido.nG1,663 -7,148 -1,93227 (0; 27)
5BrazilnGInfante.nG1,381 -7,430 -2820 (0; 0)Record at Coastal Express Reverse: 1,907Record at Tunnel Construction: 2,254Record at Runway 15 Reverse: 1,835Record at Runway 9 Reverse: 1,839
6BrazilnGFalcao.nG >>1,213 -7,598 -16864 (63; 1)
7ThailandnGNosferatu.nG394 -8,417 -81914 (10; 4)Record at Phoenix Steel: 1:21.031

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