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Hall of Fame: Circuit
1. Portugal VGSpeedPro - 4,583 Pts.
2. Brazil playArt'SpeedNG - 3,919 Pts.
3. Germany aTTaX|brothYbs - 3,775 Pts.
4. Portugal Chirted - 3,454 Pts.
5. Poland LXBobas - 3,192 Pts.
6. China [C&P]GOGO(WR2) - 2,714 Pts.
7. Russia FKSpeedArt - 2,526 Pts.
8. Russia USSRxScoob - 2,417 Pts.
9. Brazil playArtGearNG - 2,066 Pts.
10. Canada MindlessTurn - 1,938 Pts.
11. Germany HMRxSnoop - 1,623 Pts.
12. Romania Mad Hatter - 1,557 Pts.
13. Germany KGCdagunner - 1,504 Pts.
14. Russia Player_1 - 1,359 Pts.
15. Russia RSRxSuslik - 1,125 Pts.
16. Brazil Falcao.nG >> - 1,093 Pts.
17. Brazil brunospfcNG - 1,050 Pts.
18. Germany m3lon3 - 1,024 Pts.
19. Russia USSRxMrKOT - 1,018 Pts.
20. China [C&P]Richardhlz - 1,015 Pts.
Hall of Fame: Drift
1. Russia USSRxSurgeon - 3,624 Pts.
2. Germany [TRIAD]Fearless - 3,582 Pts.
3. Germany KGCdagunner - 3,369 Pts.
4. Germany aTTaX|brothYbs - 2,795 Pts.
5. China firegunfd - 2,772 Pts.
6. China [C&P]GOGO(WR2) - 2,408 Pts.
7. Brazil playArt'SpeedNG - 2,368 Pts.
8. Russia -[ROED]xBurashka- - 2,260 Pts.
9. Russia USSRxScoob - 2,124 Pts.
10. India [ROED]xArunRuleZzZ - 1,880 Pts.
11. Russia FKSpeedArt - 1,386 Pts.
12. Germany HMRxPanther - 1,327 Pts.
13. China PanZhiHua - 1,267 Pts.
14. Russia Player_1 - 1,236 Pts.
15. Germany HMRxSnoop - 1,178 Pts.
16. Russia RSRxMrBin - 1,167 Pts.
17. Germany HMRxfuzzy - 1,085 Pts.
18. Russia RSRliveRSR - 1,076 Pts.
19. Russia RSRxVanix - 1,006 Pts.
20. Germany oXKillingXo - 922 Pts.
Hall of Fame: Telemetry
27/02/05 :: USSR NFSU Cup Season #3

Everybody who still enjoy NFSU and would like to take part in the online tourneys are welcome to our another project - USSR NFSU Cup. We are starting the new season.

Posted by: serg
21/02/05 :: Statistics Icon Customization

It is possible now to create custom statistics icons. You can select its skin from the skin gallery or even upload your own skin. Also it is possible to set positions and colors for all text labels on the icon.

Authors of nice looking skins are welcome to add their skins to the gallery (email it to us and we will add it).

The icon customization is available from your personal menu.

Posted by: serg
20/02/05 :: World leader's mailboxes

At the end of each month leaders in all types of race are eligible for an exclusive email from our site "[email protected]" with 2 Mb quota and POP3+SMTP access.

A player is considered as a leader if he holds the first place in the personal standings at 0:00 GMT of the first day of the next month. The email quota can be increased for repeating winners. First emails will be given at the end of this month.

We're waiting for your records...

Posted by: Serg & Stealth
18/02/05 :: Customize Site Interface

Registered users can customize the site interface - hide or show some panels, like ShoutBox, Polls, Statistics, etc. If the site is loading too slow for you, you can try to hide panels in which you are not interested and it should decrease site generating time.

Settings are available under the "Customize Interface" item in your personal menu.

Posted by: serg
15/02/05 :: Racing Tips

We open the new "Racing Tips" section where players advices are collected. Now it contains KRYSTA's saves for Drag!

Posted by: serg
15/02/05 :: Everything works.

Now, the site was completely moved. I think that everything works. May be some pictures are not loading but it will be fixed soon. Welcome abroad ;)

Posted by: Stealth & Serg
14/02/05 :: Attention! Changing hosting

Today, 15.02.2005 from 14:00 till 18:00 GMT the site will be moved to another host. You can't access to the site. For send records you will need to download the new version of WR Client. The new hostname and new WR client will be announced later.

Posted by: Stealth
11/02/05 :: Changing hosting

In the next couple of days our site will be moving to another host. The site will be probably closed for some period of time. We apologize for inconvenience.

Posted by: serg
09/02/05 :: ShoutBox

Now we have the Shoutbox. Only NFSU2:WR participants are allowed to post there though. Please, use English language only.

Thanks to CrazyMoFoGG for the idea.

Posted by: serg
07/02/05 :: Polls

A random poll is located under the Personal Menu. All current polls you can find in the new section "Polls".

Posted by: serg
06/02/05 :: Personal Menu

In the right column you can find Personal Menu. It gives you quick access to your profile and highlights your nick everywhere on the site.

Posted by: serg
03/02/05 :: Statistics Icons or How to Become a Star :)

You have a good oportunity to show others your achievements in the NFSU2:WR project. We created special Statistics Icons which show information about you in the real time. This icons can be placed wherever you want - on some sites, into you signature on any forums, etc. The icon looks like (it is static fake, only for example):

You can get the correct link to your icon on the "Edit Account" page.

Starting from now, we will count how many people viewed your icon and how many people viewed your profile. Most popular players will be shown in the new statistics on the site.

Also, the new field called "Quote" was added to players profiles. You can write there whatever you want and it will be shown on your icon.

Posted by: serg
01/02/05 :: Version 1.3 released.

Version 1.3 released. Please upgrade your client software.

Posted by: Stealth
30/01/05 :: WR Client v1.3

Please download new WR Client v1.3. The old version will be working 1 more day.

Posted by: serg
28/01/05 :: New Statistics

New statistics which shows oldest and newest WRs is available. Thanks to HNBxMarocci for the idea.

Posted by: serg
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