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Hall of Fame: Circuit
1. Portugal VGSpeedPro - 4,583 Pts.
2. Brazil playArt'SpeedNG - 3,919 Pts.
3. Germany aTTaX|brothYbs - 3,775 Pts.
4. Portugal Chirted - 3,454 Pts.
5. Poland LXBobas - 3,192 Pts.
6. China [C&P]GOGO(WR2) - 2,714 Pts.
7. Russia FKSpeedArt - 2,526 Pts.
8. Russia USSRxScoob - 2,417 Pts.
9. Brazil playArtGearNG - 2,066 Pts.
10. Canada MindlessTurn - 1,938 Pts.
11. Germany HMRxSnoop - 1,623 Pts.
12. Romania Mad Hatter - 1,557 Pts.
13. Germany KGCdagunner - 1,504 Pts.
14. Russia Player_1 - 1,359 Pts.
15. Russia RSRxSuslik - 1,125 Pts.
16. Brazil Falcao.nG >> - 1,093 Pts.
17. Brazil brunospfcNG - 1,050 Pts.
18. Germany m3lon3 - 1,024 Pts.
19. Russia USSRxMrKOT - 1,018 Pts.
20. China [C&P]Richardhlz - 1,015 Pts.
Hall of Fame: Drift
1. Russia USSRxSurgeon - 3,624 Pts.
2. Germany [TRIAD]Fearless - 3,582 Pts.
3. Germany KGCdagunner - 3,369 Pts.
4. Germany aTTaX|brothYbs - 2,795 Pts.
5. China firegunfd - 2,772 Pts.
6. China [C&P]GOGO(WR2) - 2,408 Pts.
7. Brazil playArt'SpeedNG - 2,368 Pts.
8. Russia -[ROED]xBurashka- - 2,260 Pts.
9. Russia USSRxScoob - 2,124 Pts.
10. India [ROED]xArunRuleZzZ - 1,880 Pts.
11. Russia FKSpeedArt - 1,386 Pts.
12. Germany HMRxPanther - 1,327 Pts.
13. China PanZhiHua - 1,267 Pts.
14. Russia Player_1 - 1,236 Pts.
15. Germany HMRxSnoop - 1,178 Pts.
16. Russia RSRxMrBin - 1,167 Pts.
17. Germany HMRxfuzzy - 1,085 Pts.
18. Russia RSRliveRSR - 1,076 Pts.
19. Russia RSRxVanix - 1,006 Pts.
20. Germany oXKillingXo - 922 Pts.
Hall of Fame: Telemetry
25/01/05 :: Records Comparing

You can easily compare records between any two players in the "Compare Records" section (or from the "Player Details"). Thanks to NOS7FredPach and HNBxMarocci for this idea.

Posted by: serg
22/01/05 :: New statistics

The new statistics field "Players who have records on all tracks" has been added. No one has records on all 183(+6 overall) tracks yet :)

Posted by: serg
22/01/05 :: Service is temporary stopped

We have to temporary stop collecting records due some possible security problems. It should be fixed in next few days. So, take a short brake from setting records and enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

We apologize for inconvenience...

Posted by: serg
22/01/05 :: Back to work

Service is running again. Please download the new WR Client.

Posted by: serg
20/01/05 :: WR's become WR's

Today the records history and the "Beat WR's" statistics were resetted. Starting from now we can count that on this site are real world records, which are not so easy to beat as it was before.

Posted by: serg
19/01/05 :: For Webmasters

If you have a team homepage, you can place there all your records from this site. For details see our new section For Webmaster.

If you like the idea and need more flexibility, it is possible to develop the PHP DB access toolkit or XML data export from our DB, which will give you the full access to customization. But it will be sometime in the future.

Posted by: serg
17/01/05 :: New features on the site

The site has been slightly updated:

1. The new type of statistics called "List of players who beat WR" is available, where all players who have beaten WR at least once are shown. There are some unrealistic numbers now, but don't forget that we will reset whole WR statistics when we receive at least 10 records per each track.

2. Not all players are used to ICQ messenger, so we decided to add the new field "MSN messenger" into your profile. Please, edit your account and fill it in.

3. New field called "Last Received Record" is available on the Player Information page.

Please, feel free to express your ideas on our forum about further improvements of the site or WR Client.

Posted by: serg
15/01/05 :: Some info...

1. Judges were described in the Rules.

2. I want to warn you all guys again - do not run any trainers, save editors or any other software which can interfere in the NFSU2 or WRClient. If you do that, your account get banned without any warnings.

3. When you register a new team, you need to provide link to the team's homepage, where member list can be found easily. Do not write there just any site or site about NFS. Such teams are deleted right away. If you do not have homepage, make one or stay without team here.

Posted by: serg
14/01/05 :: WR Judges

Lets try to organize group of people, called judges, who will be responsible for analyzing records on the site in order to find possible cheaters. We need 12 people (2 people from different teams for each type of the race).

Here is some requirements:
- be able to communicate in English;
- be a member of a well-known team;
- hold top positions on most tracks of the selected race type;
- know all tracks of the selected race type (approximate top speed, possible time/points)
- look through all current records at least once a week.

So, if the judge decides that someone's record is a cheat, we ban this guy. If you would like such kind of activity and meet the requirements, please contact us at [email protected]

Posted by: serg
13/01/05 :: Hall of Shame

New site section was created where all cheaters are shown.

Posted by: serg
13/01/05 :: Version Updated

We corrected some bugs in program interface and alert messages. Also were fixed some problems with translation. Spanish and Estonian interface coming soon.

You can download the new version at Soft page

Posted by: Stealth
11/01/05 :: Records History

The "Records History" section and the "Beat WR's" field in statistics will be resetted when we collect 10 records for each track.

Posted by: serg
10/01/05 :: Translation

Is it inconvenient to read a site in foreign language? Do you want the program to communicate you on your native? We can do it with your help. You will need to translate just a small number of phrases. Besides, if you want you can translate all news to your language. If you dare we wait for your offers on [email protected]

Posted by: Stealth
10/01/05 :: NFSU2: World Records

Welcome to the NFSU2: World Records site! This is the place where best results in NFS: Underground 2 are collected. We cover all game modes - Circuit, Sprint, Drag, StreetX, URL and Drift. If you want to take part in this project, we recommend you to read the Rules, FAQ and download World Records Client software.

Feel free to ask questions or give suggestions in our forum or by email [email protected]

Posted by: Stealth & Serg
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